Men’s Essentials- The 5 Pairs of Shoes every guy should have

It’s often said that the first time you meet someone, you’re judged on a number of factors – with three of the main counts being your hair, handshake and footwear.

Whether it’s your Interview or your First Date, when one looks down, one doesn’t wants to see a sad-looking pair of old shoes, all worn out!

“There are lots and lots of options out there!” , we always hear you cry.

And, with an ever developing array of footwear styles available both in stores and online, shopping for shoes can be overwhelming! But worry not guys, we have carved out the bulk to these five essentials:

1. Simple Black Dress Shoe


You’ve attended enough weddings and business meetings to know that “dress to impress” means adding polish from head to toe. Speaking of polish, be sure to always complete your formal look with a shoe that’s clean and scuff free.It is simple and classic, this shoe will get you to your event and back in style. You can wear with jeans, slacks, chinos, and more if its a matte finish.

2. Brown dress shoe


Super sexy 2nd cousin of the simple black dress shoe. Adds richness and dimension to your outfit. Get a different style than your black dress shoe and keep it fresh!

3. Boots



You don’t need to be an adventure-seeker or wait until winter. Their versatile construction prepares you for anything—we just wouldn’t pair them with a suit. Perfect for the weekend, a pair of lace-up boots can be worn with your favorite jeans when you want to chill out and keep your feet warm. You can try out the chukka, dessert, or snub.

4. Casual Office shoe


Think of the business casual shoe as a step up from a sneaker but not quite formal enough to be a dress brogue. Add some variety to your wardrobe and try a lace-up and a loafer. You can wear casually during the week or dress up with shorts. Comfortable, versatile, and you don’t have to worry about it getting beat up!

5. Fashion Sneaker


The weekends are your down time, but that doesn’t mean you should dress as relaxed as your attitude. You kick around town while looking fresh and fly. You don’t go running in this or go to the gym.You can step up your game but not like you’re looking sneakers.


Hopefully you’ve found these hints and tips useful.Ultimately, there is no golden rule or set formula to building the ‘perfect shoe collection’, as tastes are bound to differ.This guide provides a good base to build on and will ensure that you are ready to rock every occasion!